[Samba] Call a script after every file modification

Holakovsky, Michael michael.holakovsky at siemens.com
Tue Oct 31 10:05:22 GMT 2006

Is there a simple possibility to hook in a script which is called every
time a file is modified via smbd, e.g. a user is adding a file via samba
share? The script should get also the filename too :-)
The intended purpose is to duplicate the write operations of samba to
another disk. Yes I know there exists RAID and Rsync and other software,
but I want to use it for longtime archiving purposes, therefore RAID
lacks data corruption features and needs many disks and Rsync and others
are not realtime enough to duplicate the modifications on a other disk.
Script would be fine because I don't think that I'm able to write a hack
for that. I'm web developer not C specialist.
regards Mischa

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