[Samba] Suse+Yast+Webmin

Fábio Saboia fabiosaboia at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 31 21:22:17 GMT 2006

I have SUSE-SLES10 with samba Version 3.0.22-13.23 and openldap (slapd
2.2.24).  When I add a user(for example, john) in a group(for example,
admin) using Webmin or LdapAdmin, and after I logon in workstation and
execute IFMEMBER.EXE, the list of groups is not completed, The group
"admin" don't appears.
But if I use YAST for to add "john" in group "admin", and after I
logon in workstation and after execute IFMEMBER.EXE, appears the
correct list of groups, also the group "admin".
I saw that when I use Webmin or LdapAdmin for to add a user,
attributes in groups is "memberUid"(john), but when I use YAST the
attribute is "member"(uid=john,ou=users,dc=mydomain).


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