[Samba] again on file corruption

urza iwillneverstay at yahoo.it
Tue Oct 31 19:55:16 GMT 2006

I've posted the same problem several months ago, You can find my post


I summed up all the whole thing: I run a samba server based on slackware
10.2, using samba 3.0.20 with two clients: a windows 98 box and a
windows 2000 box. I've got a share between the two system which hosts an
old spreadsheet program (quattro pro) plus several other shares, like
documents, an other spreadsheet (ad-hoc) et cetera.
Quattro Pro is an old and heavy modified spreadsheet program which
serves a countability. It's a 16bit program, which runs on windows
2000's vm for 16bit apps and has weird stuff like short name files.
We experienced file corruption on only one files, which is written
several times a day and weights 4.3mb. The file becomes corrupted and we
need to replace it with a previous backup, which is made every day. This
happens often.
I disabled oplock feature (stage 1 and 2) and never enable kernel oplock
file. Samba's log doesn't report anything: I'm pretty sure is not a
samba server, but the customer wants to turn back temporarily on windows
for sharing... :(
What do you suggest?
In March you suggested me to turn on verbosity on samba log, I will do,
but I repeat, I think is not a samba problem...

Thank you


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