[Samba] Followup re: pam_winbind and "never expires" passwords

Bill Greene bill at rubgrp.com
Mon Oct 30 14:48:18 GMT 2006

More info on the problem that users could access shares, but not login, 
if their passwords were "expired" by days, but had "password never 
expires" flagged.

During further experimentation, I discovered (I'm not a Windows person) 
that in addition to flagging a user as "password never expires", there 
is an account policy flag specifying the same thing globally.  If the 
account policy flag is set, the users can log in; if only the per-user 
flag is set, they cannot.

So to refine my previous statement, it appears pam_winbind ignores the 
per-user "password never expires" flag.

-- bill

(I'm reading the list in summary, so my apologies if someone else has 
already commented on this.)

Bill Greene
Rubicon Group Ltd.
Oak Brook Illinois USA

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