[Samba] namecache_shutdown: Couldn't close namecache on top of gencache

D B fake0test at yahoo.it
Sun Oct 29 20:36:02 GMT 2006

I have this warning when I mount MS Windows shares, tunneling SMB over SSH in order to create a VPN-like shares management. Here the steps:

# ssh -2 -N -L 445:shares_server:445 user at shares_server

And after creating the port forwarding: 

# smbmount //share_server_netbios_name/share_directory /mnt/Samba -o username=user%pass,ip=

On the shares_server runs a MS Windows XP Professional, with Cygwin installed for sshd emulating. I disable NetBios over TCP/IP because of well-known security flaws. Although the warning, the mounted resources are OK. I used also Ethereal for analyzing packets and nothing seems wrong... So, I want to ask you how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.
With best regard, 
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