[Samba] Problem mounting with credentials file

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at nacnud.com
Sat Oct 28 00:14:13 GMT 2006

On Sat, 28 Oct 2006, Guenter Kukkukk wrote:

>> locate and find both turned up nothing.
>> Apparently I do not have mount.cifs on my filesystem.  That does not make
>> sense to me.  CIFS works when I specify a username and password directly
>> but not when I use the credentials option.  It would seem that CIFS is
>> installed.
>> Regards,
>> Jonathan
> Hi Jonathan,
> you _need_ mount.cifs when using a credentials file!
> mount.cifs reads and parses the credentials file - the cifs kernel module does _not_!

Thank you.  This is probably dependant on my distribution, but how do I 
get that file?  Is it usually installed with samba?  Do I just create it?


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