[Samba] Re: Tell Samba, it should not allocate disk memory before copying a file

Susanne Goldammer Susi2000 at web.de
Fri Oct 27 08:00:01 GMT 2006

Hello again,

as i found out, this allocation only happens when using Windows and writing on a fat partition.

I did the same, mounting a fat partition with smbmount using Debian and copying a file to that share,
then the file is copied immediately, there is no allocation first.

Then i tried the same, using a shared ext3 partition. Both, under Windows and under Linux, the file is copied
immeadiately with no  preallocation of memory.

I thought this "strict allocate" parameter is the one i need to set  to no, to void this preallocation. But
this parameter does not help. So what i am doing wrong, or is there possibly a bug with that parameter?

I am happy for any idea.
Thanks a lot.


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