[Samba] netlogon error

Les Stott les at cyberpro.com.au
Fri Oct 27 00:32:35 GMT 2006

Cleber P. de Souza wrote:
> Have you correctly set up the netlogon permissions ?
> Put you netlogon settings here for clarify.
> On 10/26/06, chechu chechu <chechuironman at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I mounted a pdc with ldap and samba, it works right...but when I use the
>> script to mount a net unit it fails... i can mount it manually ...and if
>> i execute the script like the user it ask me the username and the
>> password..but also fails...someone know what happen? my script is this:
>> net time \\shogun
>> net use z: \\shogun\profiles\


I remember seeing some issues a long time ago with trying to use Z for 
drive mappings. If memory serves me correctly its got to do with how the 
netlogon share is temporarily mapped while logging into a domain (i,e, 
it uses z for this). I could be wrong but in that case using an 
alternate drive letter (such as Y) made things just work. To this day i 
never use Z for a drive mapping in a domain scenario.

Try using another drive letter to map. You can probably mount manually 
because thats after/before the domain logon stuff which means z is not 
in use.



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