[Samba] wbinfo -u works, getent passwd doesn't, not nsswitch.conf

Barry L. Kline blkline at attglobal.net
Thu Oct 26 16:31:23 GMT 2006

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I have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.4 box running on the PPC64 platform.
  It has been configured as a domain member.  I installed RHEL4.4  by
selecting a minimal install and when completed, manually added the
"samba" and "samba-common" packages.

I modified the smb.conf to make it a domain member, successfully joined
the domain and then started winbind.  A quick test using wbinfo -u &
wbinfo -g confirms that all is well.

Next I modifed /etc/nsswitch.conf such that I have the following entries:

passwd:     files winbind
shadow:     files
group:      files winbind

When I try a "getent passwd" I get only the local users.   Similarly,
when I try a "getent group" I get only the local groups.

To try and narrow this down, I fired up a VMWare instance and installed
on it CentOS 4.4 (a RHEL4 respin) and followed the same steps.
Everything works as it should, both wbinfo and getent.

When I browse from a Windows box to the VMWare instance, I get immediate
access to my "homes" share.   If I browse to the PPC64 instance, I get
prompted for my username & password.  When entered they are never
successfully accepted.

For fun, I wiped the PPC64 machine and reinstalled the OS, this time
adding "Windows File Server" to the mix.   Following the same procedure
as before, "getent passwd" now displays entries from winbind, but they
are all blank...  They look like:  ::0:10001:, with one of these per
user from the domain.

Looking over the installed packages list I note that I have two
"samba-common" packages installed.  One is compiled for ppc, the other
for ppc64.  Erasing the one compiled for ppc puts me in the same state
as before -- wbinfo returns domain users and getent doesn't.

I have even copied /etc/samba/smb.conf  and /etc/nsswitch.conf from the
working machine to the PPC64 machine, with the same result.

I'm at a complete standstill here.  Can anyone offer any suggestions as
to what I'm missing or what I should next check?  This is Samba 3.0.10,
with Samba configured as a domain member on RHEL 4 PPC64.

Thanks in advance!


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