AW: [Samba] Group Account Operators does not work

Oeltze, Benjamin Benjamin.Oeltze at
Thu Oct 26 07:13:12 GMT 2006

if I put the users into the Administrators group than they will have all admin rights, dont they?
I found this description and this is exactly what we want to have. 
"Members of the Account Operators local group are allowed to use
User Manager for Domains to create user accounts and groups for
the domain, and to modify or delete most of the domains' user
accounts and groups."
So it must be possible. The Question is: Is this implemented in Samba and if yes, what do I have to do to get it working.


Von: Bob Hetzel [mailto:beh at]
Gesendet: Mi 25.10.2006 17:11
An: Oeltze, Benjamin
Betreff: Re: [Samba] Group Account Operators does not work

If you're using a PDC (i.e. nt4 style domain) as
far as I know, conventionally, users had to be in
the Administrators group to run Usrmgr.exe
because there is no right for this that can be changed.


At 09:57 AM 10/25/2006, you wrote:
>we want to grant some users the right to change
>passwords and enable accounts in our samba
>domain but they should not have admin rights.
>Windos is using the group Account Operators for
>this. So we put some users into this group and
>tried to change some Usersettings with the
>usermanger. The user has no right to edit any user.
>I tried to grant a right to this group with net
>rpc rights but i cant find a suitable rigth.
>Does anybody use this group?
>We are running Sles9 and samba 3.0.21a
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