[Samba] Two domains on one network?

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Wed Oct 25 15:45:13 GMT 2006

Sorry for the late reply.

On 10/03/2006 06:40 AM, Roger Merritt escreveu:
> I feel I should know the answer to this, but I wanted to verify. I have 
> a bunch of Windows PC's running Win 2K Pro, on three subnetworks. Two of 
> the subnets are served by Unix (FreeBSD) boxes running NATD, but all are 
> joined to a domain being run on a Win 2K Pro server in another building 
> on the campus. So far I haven't joined the two Unix boxes to the domain.
> I'd like to experiment with setting one of the FreeBSD boxes up as a 
> Primary Domain Controller to experiment with LDAP and roaming profiles. 
> I may be going to a new job next year where I can either do it in 
> FreeBSD or some version of Windows, and if I can master the tools in 
> FreeBSD I'd rather. Does this sound feasible? 

	Pretty much.  BSDs and Linuxes are very good at this job.

> Does it sound like a bad idea? 

	Not at all. Samba is a great tool and you are in the free
software world, that would be great. ;)

> Are there tools to set group policies on Windows boxes 
> from/through Samba?

	Kind of, GPO is not supported by Samba3, you can use
Policy Editor (Poledit) to change a few itens like a NT4

	There are helper tools like WPKG and proprietary tools
to help you on that matter, you can check also the Samba By
Example book to find more information on the large networks.

	Kind regards,

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