[Samba] Samba 3.0.23c Install on Solaris9

scott.gay at MDAFederal.com scott.gay at MDAFederal.com
Wed Oct 25 12:25:06 GMT 2006

Hello. I have been trying to find an answer to a problem that has
plagued our systems. I am trying to upgrade from 3.0.22 to 3.0.23c. I
have been able to compile,
but when I go to join it to the AD domain, I keep getting this familiar
error that many others have noted but have not posted many solutions to.
arcdba-> ./net ads join -U Administrator
Administrator's password: 
Using short domain name -- EARTH
Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Please ensure that
the DNS domain of this server matches the AD domain,
Or rejoin with using Domain Admin credentials.
Disabled account for 'ARCDBA' in realm 'CORP.MDAFEDERAL.COM'
I have checked the DNS, hostname, the fact that smbd is running, etc.
but have not been able to get this to join the domain.
I am running Solaris 9 with a Win2K3 AD server that is managing the
EARTH domain. 
Are there any other thoughts on which to try? What has broken between
3.0.22 and 3.0.23?
Spinning my wheels in frustration...


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