[Samba] Question about Case Insensitivity

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Oct 25 02:06:43 GMT 2006

> My setup involves sharing filesystem "/a" and then mounting it on
> "/b".  I can > use "ls -l" on the "/b" filesystem in a
> case-insensitive fashion but when I go to open the file by a
> case-insensitive name the attempt fails.
> Can someone please explain why I am not able to open() files with case
> insensitive names even though stat() or lstat() works with them?

My guess would be that Samba's UNIX extensions are enabled, which allow
you to do nice things like chmod, but also enable case sensitivity.
You'll probably need to disable the UNIX extensions on the server or
the mount point before this will work.


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