[Samba] could not read attribute 'msSFU30UidNumber'

Joshua Rusch samba at strongwords.org
Wed Oct 25 00:48:17 GMT 2006

> wbinfo -u prints out all my users
> wbinfo -g prints out all my groups
> getent group prints out all my groups and their unix IDs
> getent -r username seems to get the correct user group unix ids for all 
> the users, even the ones that don't see to be able to have their SID 
> converted to a UID.  

In case anyone is interested, I finally figured out what was wrong. It 
wasn't samba, but some active directory permissions. I guess when you 
install SFU on small business server, the SFU attributes of users in the 
SBSUsers OU are not readable to authenticated users. The other attributes 
were, which is why i was able to get some user info, but not do the SID to 
user id conversion. Also the main top level users container (cn=Users) did 
have the SFU attributes as readable--these were the users that were showing 
up for me when running "getent passwd". 

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