[Samba] Windows Vista RC2 can't delete Samba Directories

David Rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Tue Oct 24 23:20:12 GMT 2006

>From: "Greg J. Zartman, P.E." <greg at leiinc.com>
> > First, can you try 3.0.23c? If that does not work either,
> > can you please file a bug report at
> As requested; I tested using the 3.0.23 with no luck.  I've raised a bug
> in the tracker:  https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4188
> I don't know how to run a trace.  If you could spell it out for me, I'd
> be happy to do this and provide the output.


    Two things that help when sending logs to the samba team. (1) A level 10
debug. Meaning setting "log level = 10" in the global section of smb.conf;
restarting samba; and then trying to connect. This will fill the logs with
as much information as possible. (2) Capturing and sending the actual
network packets between the vista machine and your samba box with either
ethereal or the command line utility tcpdump. If you are not familiar with
ethereal, simply capture the packets with tcpdump.

    From man tcpdump: To print all packets arriving at or departing from
"sundown" and save it in "outfile":

              tcpdump host sundown -w outfile

    Then just send the outfile to the team.

    Keep the faith. Vista will be made to behave sooner as opposed to later.

P.S.-what is your PE in?

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