[Samba] RE: Space information (free or used) of samba share not shown in windows

david.weber at l-3com.com david.weber at l-3com.com
Tue Oct 24 20:42:34 GMT 2006

I have a separate drive, mapped to /mnt/mydrive

I have a samba share, set up to share this entire drive out as

Now, I can do a df -h to get the free/used information on the drive, but
this information is not appearing when I click on properties of the
mapped drive on my WinXP Pro SP2 box.

Linux system is FC5, with the latest grab when "yum update" was run (as
of about two weeks ago).  

I'm at work, and I don't have my config information in front of me, but
just wondering if anyone knows what the problem could be.  I tried this
on sub-directories off of my main drive, but this second drive is
intended to be an external USB one that I can grab and go.



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