[Samba] Windows Vista RC2 can't delete Samba Directories

Greg J. Zartman greg at leiinc.com
Mon Oct 23 22:27:39 GMT 2006

> First, can you try 3.0.23c? If that does not work either,

I'm running RHEL 4. Given that the RH team backports critical patches 
without changing package numbers, it's difficult to know what I'm 
working with.

I see in the Samba-Technical list that you added somethign to the source 
tree that might be related to this.  Can you send me the patch?  I 
should be able to patch the packages I have here and give it another 
shot.  Otherwise, I may be able to setup another machine running Fedora 
and see how Vista interacts with it running the current Samba.

Would you like me to send the log level 10 output I have now?

Thank you.


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