[Samba] Shares Work, Browsing Doesn't

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Mon Oct 23 07:20:56 GMT 2006

> I just want Windows users to see each Samba server and be able to
> click through to find the shares and click on the shares to open
> them.

Having servers disappear from the browse list is normally related to
the nameserver daemon.  Are you running nmbd as well as smbd?  smbd
provides the files, nmbd provides the list of computers.

Given that nmbd also uses broadcasts, you might want to make sure that
broadcasts are definitely reaching all the PCs.

>         browseable = yes
>         guest ok = true

These two are only supposed to go into a share definition, I'd remove
them from the main config file just in case.

>         domain master = Yes

I'd also disable this if you don't want domain logons - I wouldn't be
surprised if this does funny things with WINS and affects browsing on
client PCs.

The rest of your config looks fine.  I'd make sure nmbd is running, and
then look at network issues to make sure broadcasts are reaching the

If your network is at you can "ping" to
send a broadcast packet.  In theory you should get replies from many
PCs, but you may only get responses from Linux PCs, I don't think
Windows replies to a broadcast ping.  Either way at least one response
from a different PC should indicate broadcasts are working.

If you have another Linux PC you can also try using "nmblookup" to see
if Linux can get a list of names too.


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