[Samba] Port options in FreeBSD 6.1

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 07:38:02 GMT 2006

   Hi people.

  I want to add one freebsd machine to my current domain which run on Win2k3
AD, i see that samba3 have some options before compile, i just want to have
some NFS for the users, i need something extra to enable before compile the

  OPTIONS=        LDAP            "With LDAP support" on \
                ADS             "With Active Directory support" off \
                CUPS            "With CUPS printing support" on \
                WINBIND         "With WinBIND support" on \
                ACL_SUPPORT     "With ACL support" off \
                AIO_SUPPORT     "With experimental AIO support" off \
                FAM_SUPPORT     "With File Alteration Monitor" off \
                SYSLOG          "With Syslog support" off \
                QUOTAS          "With Disk quota support" off \
                UTMP            "With UTMP accounting support" on \
                MSDFS           "With MSDFS support" off \
                SMBSH           "With SMBSH wrapper for UNIX commands" off \
                PAM_SMBPASS     "With PAM authentication vs passdb backends"
off \
                EXP_MODULES     "With experimental modules" off \
                POPT            "With system-wide POPT library" on

Which options i need to enable, disable or the current settings are good for
joining my freebsd box, i wont need cups, but what about ADS? WINBIND? this
feature is for WINNT4 enviroments i think?, ACL_SUPPORT?

Thanks all for your time, greetings!!!

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