[Samba] The share name is a valid user?

Glen Kaukola glen at cert.ucr.edu
Sat Oct 21 02:06:04 GMT 2006


So I'm now on the next section of my samba by example book.  For the 
life of me I just couldn't get it to work.  That is until I looked into 
what the %S and %U variables actually meant.  In the book it says to put 
something like the following in your smb.conf:

comment = Work area files
path = /data/%U
valid users = %S
read only = No

However, from what I understand, %S gets translated to the name of the 
share, which in this case would be "files".  But of course "files" isn't 
a valid user name on my system.  So once I changed things to the 
following, things started to work:

comment = Work area files
path = /data/%U
valid users = %U
read only = No

So am I on the right track here?  Is this book in error in telling you 
to put a %S as opposed to a %U?  And if so, I'd also like to point out 
that the online book (which differs a bit from the hard copy I own) 
contains a similar error in chapter 2, in the netlogon section of the 
smb.conf file.  Unless of course the netlogon section is special 
somehow, which I suspect it might be.  I still haven't looked into that 
as of yet.  At any rate, I welcome any comments.


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