[Samba] PDC: client has "profile.pds" trouble

Boniforti Flavio boniforti.f at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 14:30:16 GMT 2006

2006/10/20, Veronica Hill <veronica.hill at optusnet.com.au>:
> Samba and windows xp has them switched on by default.  IIRC you need to
> set a blank config directive for profiles so as not to use them:
> logon path =
> Try that to switch them off.
> or you could could create the profile path anyway......

I didn't know that WinXP has them switched on by default, if the PDC
is Samba. Nonetheless, I'm using Win2k, which doesn't behave any
Actually I have following in my config:

logon home = ""
logon path = ""

As you suggested to "blank" the logon path, I did it, removing the
The result is still the same, no way to log on and no profile is
getting created.

Could you please post me your output of "ls -la" of one of your
profile directory tree? And, could you tell me whether "profile.pds"
is a directory or a file?

I manually created /home/profiles/root and in there I created the
directory "profile.pds" - nothing changed, even as I created an empty
file named "profile.pds" instead of a directory.

Thanks, again!

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