[Samba] PDC: client has "profile.pds" trouble

Boniforti Flavio boniforti.f at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 12:04:23 GMT 2006

Hello list.

I just installed and configured my first Samba-3 PDC and I succeeded
immediately with the "join" operation with a Win2k SP4 client.
As I afterwards rebooted and tried to logon with the domain user, both
root and regular user, I got an error messagge telling me that it was
unable to create \\servername\root\profile.pds.

In fact, my /home/profiles directory remains empty (no user
directories are created at all). Permissions are "chmod 1757"...

I will really appreciate help on this issue.

BTW: I'm not wanting "Roaming Profiles", I will try them after I can
logon to the PDC with local client profiles at first.

Many thanks in advance.

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