[Samba] samba domain member server

Stephane Durieux durieux at polytech.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Oct 20 08:35:53 GMT 2006


I would like someone to confirm my understanding of winbind use in a 
samba domain member server .

First, I think (correct me if I am wrong) that winbind create 
dynamically association between unix id and windows sid.

The domain we use is a samba, openldap domain and the samba server 
domain use for the moment ldap authentification and resolution.

The problem is that I have declared local idmap on the samba member server.
So, I think a collision between ldap id and unix id may appear unless I 
dismiss ldap resolution. (You confirm it?)

Otherwise, is that possible to declare an idmap refering to ldap samba 
accounts (unix and linux) in the ldap.

Thanks  for  help

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