[Samba] nss didn't list winbind user/groups

Peter Trifonov petert at dcn.infos.ru
Thu Oct 19 05:59:10 GMT 2006


> Im using samba 3.0.23c from debian backports and I finding 
> some problems, this host has worked flawlessly since a a few 
> months ago. But now stopped to work properly.

> zaphod:/etc/samba# id igormorgado
> uid=10000(igormorgado) gid=10000(Domain Users) 
> grupos=10000(Domain Users)
> it list only the my primary group not all groups but as you 
> could notice i'm on admins group too.
I am not sure about exact reason of other problems described in your letter,
but this one 
looks like an instance of this bug: 


Could you please add there a comment describing your case?

This problem appeared in version 3.0.23. This is why you do not see it on
version 3.0.14.

With best regards,
P. Trifonov  

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