[Samba] Permissions and CIFS

Albion Baucom baucom at msg.ucsf.edu
Tue Oct 17 18:10:31 GMT 2006

I recently discovered the 2GB file limitation using the smbfs  
filesystem and switched to the CIFS filesystem for my Samba mount.  
Since the switch I have not been able to get the permissions right  
for the mount.

Specifically I am using the following commands in /etc/auto.mnt to  
mount the remote share using automount

home2/	-fstype=cifs,uid=500,gid=100,credentials=/home/user/ 
mycredentials	://samba.server.org/home2

This command works if I use "smbfs" as the file system type; my  
directory is mounted properly, and the user ID and the group ID are  
applied to the mounted directories and files and I have permission as  
a user to read and write to the mounted share. When I switch to the  
CIFS filesystem, the same command mounts the share properly, but the  
permissions are set to an unknown user (4191), and the "games" group.  
I presume these are users and groups on the remote server.

I have tried various combinations of "setuid", "file_mode",  
"dir_mode", "rw", etc, as described in the man page for mount.cifs.  
These appear to make no difference to the permissions for the mounted  
system. Currently I can only write to the mount if I am root.

The client machine is a Linux machine running a 2.6.17 kernel (cAos  
distribution). The remote Samba server is another Mac OS X machine  
running the a Darwin 8.6 kernel.

Can someone suggest why I am experiencing this behavior, and how I  
might correct it?



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