[Samba] Sambas as PDC, remote and mobile users question

daniel parkes liquidsmail at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 11:17:14 GMT 2006


I have removed, my win2000 servers, and now i am using samba as the pdc.

I have a problem with users and their profile, i am using a configuration
where the profiles are allways local(on the laptop) not on the server.

And the prob is, when a user takes his laptop home, and the company network
is not accesible, he cant logon to the domain, so he cant use his domain
profile, he has to logon to logon to the local computer with his local
profile, which is outofdate(emails,docs,etc) because the profile he uses all
the time is the domain one.

I didnt have this problem working with win2000 and AD, because it would
permit 5 logons, even if the domain wasnt accesible, so they could work with
their domain profile at home.

Any idea if you can tune this in Samba?

Any idea of a workaround, or how do you handel this situation?

thnx a lot for your HELP!!

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