[Samba] Windows Clients unable to browse NTFS disk via samba

Brandon Kuczenski brandon at 301south.net
Mon Oct 16 20:37:57 GMT 2006

I have an NTFS drive from an old Windows XP computer that I am trying to 
share amongst Windows XP clients via a Samba server.  The server is 
running Samba version 3.0.23c (just compiled today) on FreeBSD 5.5. 
Windows clients can access the share but cannot copy files off of it. 
Other shares work normally.

The drive is mounted read-only as ntfs.  The server can access the drive, 
copy files off of it onto other local drives, etc.

WinXP Clients can see the share, whose path is a subdirectory of the drive 
(see smb.conf below).  They can connect.  However, directories appear as 
0-byte files of unknown type.  Double-clicking on a directory in an 
Explorer window brings up a "Choose the program you want to use to open 
this file:" dialog.

If I cancel out of that, exit the directory, and return to it, the file I 
had clicked on earlier now appears as a directory, but its neighbors still 
appear as 0-byte files.  Any subdirectories of the now-traversable 
directory, also, appear as 0-byte files.

In addition, files within directories appear normally and I can see their 
attributes, change dates, size, etc.  However, double-clicking on files, 
clicking and dragging, or copy-and-pasting, all fail with the message 
"Could not find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path 
and file name."  If I copy the files from the old disk to another local 
disk and into another samba share, the windows clients can 
see/read/delete/etc. normally.

The Samba server doesn't log any of these attempts, which suggests to me 
that the windows client is voluntarily depriving itself of access, or else 
is getting confused somewhere.

Any suggestions as to what is going wrong?

Here is the relevant line from mount:
$ mount | grep ntfs
/dev/ad1s1 on /home/OLD-DISK (ntfs, local, read-only)

Here is my smb.conf ('...' indicates nonrelevant share options deleted):

    workgroup = LEDUC
    server string = Leduc Lab Samba Server
    security = user
    hosts allow = 192.168.111.
    load printers = yes
    printcap name = cups
    printing = cups
    log level = 1
    guest account = leduc
    map to guest = Bad User
    log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
    max log size = 500
    socket options = TCP_NODELAY
    interfaces = xl0
    domain master = yes
    preferred master = yes
    wins support = yes
    dns proxy = no


    path=/home/OLD-DISK/Documents and Settings
    comment = Old Microscope Computer drive
    browseable = yes
    writable = no
    fstype = Samba
    force user = leduc


Thanks in advance,

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