[Samba] MS PhotoDraw save problems

Paul Lima writer at paullima.com
Thu Oct 12 08:50:52 GMT 2006

Did you ever get an answer to this, as I am having the same

	I'm having an unusual problem with MS PhotoDraw opening
saving files to my Samba server.  When I open the file, all's
When I try to save the file, I get an error message that says
"Unable to
save the file.  <Filename> could not be found."  At this point I
have to
navigate to the directory where the file was and save it.
However, when
watching WinExplorer while doing this process, the file actually
"disappears" when I hit the save button the first time and get
error.  Upon navigating to the directory, there is no file to
save over.
This appears to happen only with MS PhotoDraw files.  I have
level 10
debug logs if anyone is interested, here are the rest of the

Paul Lima
writer at paullima.com

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