[Samba] suggestion for svcctl

Eric A. Hall ehall at ehsco.com
Wed Oct 11 18:54:38 GMT 2006

Currently the service control stuff is implemented with a single-line
"svcctl list" entry in smb.conf, and requires that each service be linked
into the $libdir/svcctl/ directory. This is understandable (allows for
chroot, etc), but a bit heavy on the setup.

It might be easier to have a [svcctl] section, with multiple entries for
various kinds of inputs.

For example, one or more "services directory=/path/to/directory" might be
useful for globbing multiple services into the mapper, without having to
enumerate all services individually, thereby making operations somewhat
simpler and more transparent.

Likewise, one or more "service script=/path/to/init/script" entires could
provide the ability to itemize scripts, without having to create links.
Once services are itemized, they can have additional attributes assigned
with additional entries, such as user permissions, and so forth.

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