[Samba] acl and force directory mode 3775 issue

Lee Rocky rocky366 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 09:18:24 GMT 2006

with extend ACL
how can I force directory mode = 3775
if user is not in parent-directory group list?

for example
ls -l
rwxrwsr-t  root group1 ./dir1 (parent share)

is user1 is not in group1 and try to create /dir1/dir2
thre result is not corrent
rwxrwxr-t   user1 group1 ./dir2

if user2 is in gorup1 and try to create /dir1/dir3
the result is corrent
rwxrwsr-t   user2 group1 ./dir3

I also test with inherit permissions =yes, still not work.

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