[Fwd: Re: [Samba] Authenticating Linux Against AD with Winbind]

Jason Rotunno jrotunno at swarthmore.edu
Tue Oct 10 21:22:29 GMT 2006

Thanks everyone for the help. I'm now a step further. I changed my 
smb.conf with the values James mentioned:

server = ads
realm = <our realm>

I then used a "net ads join" instead of a "net rpc join" and I get the 

Using short domain name -- GARNET
[2006/10/10 15:40:42, 0] libads/kerberos.c:get_service_ticket(335)
  get_service_ticket: kerberos_kinit_password TESTMAIL2$@<our 
domain>@<our domain> failed: Client not found in Kerberos database
free(): invalid pointer 0xb74c43a0!
free(): invalid pointer 0xbfffcf08!
Segmentation fault

Despite this error it successfully joins the domain and all the stuff 
that wasn't working before (wbinfo -u, wbinfo -g, etc) is now working. 
(Note: I didn't configure the krb5.conf file at all; when I do the join 

I'm next trying to configure PAM so that I can ssh in. I'm modifying the 
pam.d/login and sshd files following the docs from the links that Dale 
recommended, but it doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps the problem is 
related to the error message I get when joining the domain (although, 
again, it does join successfully despite it). Any ideas?


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