[Samba] somewhat OT--windows logon script

Steve Glasser steve at fpig.net
Tue Oct 10 20:12:57 GMT 2006

Hi Group,

We use a simple logon script to map drives for our users.  If we put the
following line:
net use /delete * /yes
then no drives are mapped on the workstations.  If we rem it out, the
script works fine.
Full script below:
net use /delete * /yes
net use e: \\server5\peachtree
net use w: \\server5\contract_maintenance
net use t: \\server5\fleet
net use x: \\server5\allusers
net use u: \\server5\field
REM net time \\server5 /set
net use t: \\server5\payroll

Thanks, Steve G

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