[Samba] Re: [Fwd: Interdomain Trust: winbind not working]

Thorkil Olesen thorkil at pip.dknet.dk
Tue Oct 10 17:07:53 GMT 2006

Matteo Calcagnini <calcagnini <at> publinet.it> writes:

> Anyone?
> Could you write me the exact steps to have a working
> configuration of Samba/winbind domain trusting Windows 2000 Dom?
> I've followed the one proposed in the samba howtos but is not
> working.

I cannot make it better than the how-to. I have an interdomain trust working to
a W2K3-server, and I just followed the how-to.

Though I got a problem like yours when I upgraded to the 3.0.23-series. I tried
a lot of things, and eventually I made it work again, but I'm not quite sure
how. One step was a restart of the Windows-server. (I know it sounds strange for
a *NIX-admin, but this is Windows...) 

> domain domA (windows 2000 mixed mode) trusting domB (samba 3.0.23a-1)
> and vice-versa.

I think you should upgrade to the latest version 3.0.23c. The first versions in
the 3.0.23-series are buggy, and it might involve the interdomain trust.

> ale:~# wbinfo --sequence

It looks like the problem I had.

> ale:~# wbinfo -u
> Error looking up domain users

This one as well.

> this is my smb.conf


> winbind use default domain = Yes
> winbind trusted domains only = Yes
> winbind nested groups = Yes

I don't use these. I think you should avoid "winbind trusted domains only" when
you don't use LDAP.

Good luck!

Thorkil Olesen,
Hanstholm, Denmark.

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