[Samba] slow profiles

Lluís Forns Puigmartí xarxa at escoltesiguies.cat
Tue Oct 10 11:22:12 GMT 2006

Hello, I am new to Samba and I have to administrate a server working ok; 
but some users have huge profiles (about 10Gb), and each login takes 
really long.

I think the problem exists because each login all the profile is 
download, and at logout it is upload.
Is there a way to use all the profile from the server? I have you can 
modify all of this by changing:

Shell Folders]
AppData=%USERPROFILE%\Datos de programa

Shell Folders]
AppData=P:\Profile\Datos de programa

am I right? is there a way to make all this changes without using 
regedit on each user?.....

thanks a lot and excuse me for my poor English

Lluís Forns
Tècnic Informàtic - Àrea de Comunicació (MEGSJC)
Tlf: 93-5902700 C/e: webmaster at escoltesiguies.cat

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