[Samba] Re: Issues after Samba updating a Samba PDC to 3.0.23c

Daniel Bramkamp bramkamp at team-datentechnik.de
Fri Oct 6 15:16:53 GMT 2006

Hi again,

*sigh*, I am an idiot. Forget everything about the domain logon  
problems, I figured out why those 2 users on the workstations in the  
branch office were not able to logon. For some reason there was still  
a smbd and nmbd process running on the server, which used to be the  
BDC *blushes*. The OpenLDAP slave instance was stopped on that server  
though :)

I would still like to know if I have to worry about the strange  
messages I posted and how I can possibly get rid of them though.

Daniel Bramkamp

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