[Samba] Samba and NFS file access problem.

gaad at interia.pl gaad at interia.pl
Fri Oct 6 13:51:21 GMT 2006


 I've got samba 3.0.14a server and on the same machine is nfs server. Some files are share for Windows and Linux clients. The problme is when two clients one from win other from Linux try to open the same file. If Linux user first open file Samba user can open it (i/o error), in oposite situation Linux user can open the file to rw (!?) - the same file is edited by both - when win try to save error occurs.

 Is there any solution for this situation. I've tried turn off oplocks - didn't help, i've looked almost evereywhere and can't find soulution. If it possible that if samba user open file it will open readonly for nfs user and if nfs user opens file samba user will open if ro.

Thanks for any help!

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