[Samba] Office: File currently in use by user xyz problem!

Michael Rignaz uluquai at inode.at
Fri Oct 6 12:27:09 GMT 2006


today we got some mysterious errors.. a machine was hard reset and after 
the boot this user tried to re-open a file previously opened with full 
read/write access. This failed, many previously opened files were locked 
due to "currently n use by user xyz" problems, which were different 
usernames though these users -as word/excel claimed- didn't have these 
files open at that time. Couldn't even see these files locked via smbstatus.

I veto disabled oplocks before on office files..
Now I also disabled level2 oplocks globally, if that could be a factor.

Does anyone know what could be causing these problems?

Thnx a lot for any help.

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