[Samba] Samba as PDC, LDAP-based authentication for windows & linux clients

schönfeld / in-medias-res schoenfeld at in-medias-res.com
Fri Oct 6 08:36:45 GMT 2006

Hi There,

we currently run a Windows Server 2003 Terminalserver and a NT4 PDC /
File Server. Additional there is a server in the development unit acting
as login server for the linux boxes. We now want to introduce a new file
server and thereby replace the nt4 domain controller with a samba domain
controller and consollidate it with the linux login server. I'm pretty
sure it should be possible to do this with a central ldap server, samba
and nfs. But there are some pitfalls i may stuck on, so i want to know
if someone realised something like that before and can answere me some
questions. Access control should be handled by posix acls.

1. Do i need two seperate LDAP directories for linux auth and
samba-based windows auth? (e.g. because of different password hashes? or
is there maybe a possibility to store passwords in _one_ ldap directory
in _one_ hashing format which works for both windows and linux?)
If i need seperate LDA directories: Where should i start to keep things

2. I know that windows users can change there password on the windows
terminalserver. But how do the linux users do?

Any tipps about that scenario are appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Patrick Schönfeld

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