[Samba] problem accessing Windows XP as a client

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Thu Oct 5 13:30:15 GMT 2006

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On 10/02/2006 08:40 PM, Norman S. Clerman escreveu:
> Samba friends,
> 	I have a computer running SUSE Linux 10.1. At work all the computers on
> the network, except this one, are running either Windows 2000 Pro or
> Windows 2000 Server. The computers are physically connected through a
> router. I am an administrator on all the Windows computers and have no
> problem whatsoever mounting administrative shares such as C$ using smbmnt.
> 	Using the same Linux computer at home, I try to access a computer
> running Windows XP Pro, on which I'm also an administrator. I have
> turned off simple file sharing on the Windows XP computer. The computers
> are also connected through a router. I can't access using smbclient, and
> I can't mount using smbmnt. The Windows XP computer has the name of
> APPLE, and when I try
> smbclient -L APPLE
> or
> smbclient -L apple
> I get a message
> connection to apple failed.
> Any suggestions?

	In the past I got problems after changing Windows NT/2K/XP
shares and related services, I remember one time that we want
change some options of the administrative share and the computer
stop browsing the entire network. If you turn on the simple file
sharing, does it works?

	Any chances that you have a firewall in XP? Or some other
device blocking access? Looks like it is more related with the
home network and home machines.

> Norm Clerman

	Kind regards,

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