[Samba] XP/W2K on Samba 3

Peter Ulrich Kruppa kruppa at pukruppa.net
Thu Oct 5 04:24:01 GMT 2006

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Paul-Erik Törrönen wrote:

> I'm going to side on B_Kloss here, since I grew frustrated with the
> local profiles a long time ago.
> On Tue, 2006-10-03 at 19:46 +0200, Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:
>>> This is working fine, but as soon as a user is logging into the
>> domain on one of the WIN2000 or XP-clients for the first time on this
>> client, the client is creating a local user-directory.
>> Are you sure this is a problem?
>> As long as you have enough diskspace, I don't see what should be
> Remember that all the settings are also per computer, which in turn
> means that the user will in the end do a set up of his desktop n times
> (n equals the computers available). Also the application settings need
> to be manually copied/set each time. This becomes very frustrating in no
> time for the normal user, and roaming profiles can fix that. And if the
> user decides to change some setting, well...
This is absolutely correct, but B_Kloss mentioned Win98 clients. 
I don't think they can use Win2k/WinXP roaming profiles.
If B_Kloss' users tend to use just 2 or 3 favourite computers, 
this won't be too much setup for them and he will save a lot of 
network traffic, produced by down- and uploading the profiles.

> However there are a few things which needs to be addressed, as pointed
> earlier.
> 1. The mixing of W2k and WXP will create some fabulous fireshows,
> non-lethal but nonetheless spectacular.
Yes, but this will surely work.

> 2. Due to the way how the profile is managed in Windows,
> copy-all-on-login-from-server, copy-all-on-logout-to-server, the normal
> user must be made aware of this. Don't save anything on the desktop,
> instead use the X: (automatically mounted to \\yourserver\<user>).
> Minimize the browser cache. Configure applications to explicitly use a
> local tmp-dir (usually setting the TMP and TEMP-variables on the
> workstation suffices). And anything else that minimizes the size of the
> profile directory.
Just out of interest: Do you delete the roaming profiles 
after log off or do you leave them on the local machine?

> 3. Occasionally the profile goes *bonk* on the workstation. Usually
> removing the local copy is enough but nonetheless requires
> administrative action.
> And probably some other things which my scarred memory supresses.
> As for setting up the shared profiles, the keywords in smb.conf are:
> [Global]
>    logon drive = X:
>    logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U
>    logon script = scripts\logon.bat
> [netlogon]
>    path = /path/to/netlogon
>    read only = no
>    nt acl support = Yes
> [profiles]
>    comment = Roaming Profile Share
>    path = /path/to/profiles
>    read only = no
>    profile acls = Yes
>    nt acl support = Yes


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