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david rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Wed Oct 4 20:38:31 GMT 2006

>From: "Shaun Marolf" <shaun.marolf at gmail.com>
>> Progress of sending and faxs in queue can user see through
>> web interface (module in moregroupware). We send and receive cca 30 of
>> faxs in day and may store of fax (in g3 or png) have about 1.5GB.
>> Tomas
> There is a web interface for Hylafax available through Usermin which can 
> be
> downloaded from www.webmin.com, The Hylafax plugins are available at
> www.hylafax.org
> If you use a Postscript driver for Hylafax you can send graphics as well 
> as
> receive them.

I agree, we use both cups and hylafax. Simply install the postscript print 
driver and the winprinthylafx applet on the Windows machine and I believe it 
will do exactly what you want.


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