[Samba] Win xp login problems

Chris Eagle cseagle at redshift.com
Wed Oct 4 18:23:59 GMT 2006

I am having what I consider to be very strange problems with my users
running XP clients with my samba 3.0.23c domain controller.  Here is the
situation as best as I can describe:

I have a network with 5 users, call them 1-5, with 5 computers call them A-E
where user 1 typically uses computer A, 2B, 3C and so on.  When I initially
configured everything all was well.  Everyone could logon to the domain view
their files etc.  Slowly over time, users have become unable to logon to the
domain in various ways.  For example, two of my users can no longer logon to
the domain from their own computers but they can logon from other computers,
so the problem does not seem to be with their domain account. So, while 1
can no longer logon from A, she can logon from B.  The strange thing is that
user 3 can logon from A, so the problem does not seem to be computer A.  In
any case, if I give user 1 a local account on computer A, she can
successfully connect to all of her network shares by mapping a network
drive.  There seems to be some subtle problem with the combination of user 1
on computer A that is preventing her from logging in successfully.

Through all of this I have changed nothing on the samba server so I tend to
believe that something has gone wrong on the client side.  Has anyone ever
experienced anything remotely resembling this?



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