[Samba] Researching possible windows solutions...

Aaron Kincer kincera at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 16:12:46 GMT 2006

The EULA for XP Home explicitly states a maximum of five (5) users to 
connect for file/print sharing services. XP Professional is ten (10). 
This is software independent. Installing a Windows version of Samba (if 
one exists now or in the future) would not provide you a legal way 
around this limit even if it does provide a technical one.

Bottom line is that legal validity notwithstanding, you can't use Samba 
as a bypass for these limits.

Jonathan Johnson wrote:
> I assume you mean an implementation of Samba? I haven't heard of one,
> but maybe there is.
> I take it that you don't want to learn UNIX, and don't want to pay for
> Microsoft Windows Server Client Access Licenses? :-) Read your EULA for
> Windows XP; it may specifically prohibit this sort of implementation. I
> don't know, I've never read it. I just clicked "I Accept."
> This would necessitate turning off the "server" service in Windows,
> otherwise it would conflict with Samba.
> -Jon
> On 10/4/2006 7:38 AM, Josserand, Jesse wrote:
>> Does anyone know of an implementation that runs on Windows Server 2003
>> or XP?

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