[Samba] Samba - CUPS - Fax

Tomas Srb srbt at dtnet.cz
Wed Oct 4 12:59:51 GMT 2006

Of course, but this not solve my problem with getting fax number from
user. (If you not mean, that I teach our secretary to print her scanned
picture to postcript, edit fax number in this and send this to CUPS :-)
I have (I hope) good system - user print document through PS driver on
samba to faxspool program, this ask (via tcp/ip) client for faxnumber,
store fax pages to .g3 files and info from user to MySQL). Other program
periodically test SQL and try send fax - success or not report to user
(via tcp/ip). Progress of sending and faxs in queue can user see through
web interface (module in moregroupware). We send and receive cca 30 of
faxs in day and may store of fax (in g3 or png) have about 1.5GB.

P.S. I'm sorry about this long and out of topic email :-(.

simo píše v St 04. 10. 2006 v 08:21 -0400:
> On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 13:04 +0200, Tomas Srb wrote:
> > Yes, I look at this - Hylafax use Sambafax and this try to search
> > faxnumber in sended document - it is unusable for me :-(. Often we send
> > pictures and other not parseable documents. I thank you for your advice.
> > Any other resolve, please?
> Use a postscirpt driver for it on the windows client, that will make all
> datat coming in just postscript, so it does not matter what you send, al
> you will have to do is to convert it to fax format and send.
> Simo.

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