[Samba] PDC as wins server

Toni Casueps casueps at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 4 08:27:00 GMT 2006

We have a Samba server which acts mainly as file server, but we want it to 
resolve host names for local machines. I have written some IP-hostname lines 
both in /etc/hosts and /etc/samba/lmhosts, and I have "wins support = yes" 
in smb.conf, but then from a Windows client I try to ping one of those hosts 
and it can't resolve the address.

I have tried some combinations of "name resolve order" and setting "dns 
proxy" to yes, but it's the same (now I left "dns proxy" to no again). I 
can't see in the logs that another host is making itself the WINS server 
(that happened some time ago but now it doesn't)

It resolves addresses of other hosts that appear in the Windows "Network 
neighborhood" and the address of the server from a Windows client, but there 
are other machines in the network that don't appear there (Linux machines 
that don't use the Samba server or even printers)

I don't know if this is important, but netstat in the server says that port 
1512 is not listening.

Thanks in advance.

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