[Samba] Samba - CUPS - Fax

Tomas Srb srbt at dtnet.cz
Wed Oct 4 07:02:42 GMT 2006

I need fax on linux server shared with MSW stations. If I use samba
without CUPS support, it is simple - lpr comman for printer Fax is
replaced by my faxspool programm - this connect via tcp/ip small gui on
workstation and ask user for fax number and description.

When I use CUPS, this seen simple too - i wrote backend using my
faxspool, this connect via tcp/ip... eee? Something is wrong! How I can
resolve IP address of MSW workstation? Backend have only username of
sender, some title of print (can I in smb.conf change title of
printjob?), but any information about senders station are not :-(.

I know, this is question on edge betwen CUPS and Samba... but please,
help me, if You can.

Best regards
Tomas Srb

P.S. Sorry about my english - this is not my native language (this is
pascal :-)

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