[Samba] Re: How to copy a file from linux to window pc

Gerard Seibert gerard at seibercom.net
Mon Oct 2 10:56:36 GMT 2006

"Indunil Jayasooriya" <indunil75 at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I have file at /opt/mailbackup/mailbackup.tar.gz (this is a Linux Machine)
> I want to put this file to a windows pc.
> What is the command to do it.
> can I use something like the following.
> mount -t smbfs
> Then How to use this ?

I use this method on my FreeBSD 6.1 system.

1) Create a directory: '/c'

2) Create an alias:

     alias c:='mount /c'

3) Place this in my /etc/fstab file:

     //user-name at bios-name/directory    /c   smbfs     rw,noauto 0    0

Obviously you will need to make sure that the drive or directory you
want to access are configured correctly on the Windows machine.

Now all I have to do is type: c: at the command line and the Win share
is mounted. I can then do a simple cp <file> <Win-file>.



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