[Samba] Re: WINS over subnets

Hoggins! hoggins at wheres5.com
Mon Oct 2 09:43:12 GMT 2006

Edmundo Valle Neto a écrit :
> ...
> Theres some options that I think are not needed in your config, but 
> probably doesnt cause that problem that you have, in exeption of this one:
> local master = no
> Try to set it to yes, I never tried to set it to no and let it be only 
> the DMB to see what happens but the samba docs have something to say 
> about that, "If you want Samba to be a DMB, then it is recommended that 
> you also set preferred master to yes, because Samba will not become a 
> DMB for the whole of your LAN or WAN IF IT IS NOT ALSO A LMB ON ITS OWN 
> BROADCAST ISOLATED SUBNET". Anyway its at least recommended to samba be 
> the LMB too.

Well, this option was previously set to yes, and it did not work either. 
Changing this, I thought it would make difficult the election of a LMB 
on other nets, but you say it won't, so I put it back, and maybe the 
other things I changed will cause it to work at last !

Do you have any other ideas about this config ?



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