[Samba] Sharing GDI printers

Hans du Plooy koffiejunkielistlurker at koffiejunkie.za.net
Thu Nov 30 21:25:45 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

Can someone explain why sharing a GDI printer (think Laserjet
1000/1005/1020 for example) is so unreliable?  I'm not moaning about
Samba - I just want to understand.

I have seen this several times.  I get the printer working fine under
Linux, then print to it through Samba, also fine.  But then I get a call
a day later "we can't print" and when I get there the printer is paused
(an no user has the privs to paus/resume it).

The last case, with a Laserjet 1000, after it paused the first time, it
simply wouldn't print again - ever.  It could still print directly from
the Linux box, but not through Samba.

I also noticed that these printers wouldn't work properly through a
hardware print server.


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