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Subject: Prayer "For Fiji Ever Fiji"
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*Hey I wanted to share this prayer with you …………………….*

*Lord, My Nation is on the verge of strife,*

*They all argue about true leadership,*

*They all speak and none listens,*

*Words passed in anger,*

*Words passed in hate,*

*But Lord your word alone,*

*They don't seem to take,*

*The Commander on the one hand,*

*The Commissioner on the other,*

*And smack dab in the middle,*

*The government seems to play the fiddle,*

*With each passing day,*

*My country grows tense,*

*Wondering where it will all end,*

*So Lord today I pray for a miracle,*

*The miracle of your choosing,*

*The miracle that best fits,*

*The problem that your Fiji faces......*

*In the powerful name of Jesus Christ……Amen*

* *

*Please lets all pray today for a miracle………The God that made the blind man
see continues to work today………….*

* *

*Pls forward this mail to all your friends, families, colleagues, etc, etc,
etc and help our beloved nation survive this impasse!   The Almighty Lord do
work wonders!!!!!!This will only take a few seconds people!  Every second
counts in this world especially in our Beloved Fiji at the moment!*

* *

*Lets all put our hands together and help show the world that "Fiji is still
the way the World should be"*

* *

Sheraiz Ahmad
IT Administrator
Skype: mana.shear

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